Twitter Marketing 101

When it comes to marketing a business through Twitter, there are 2 camps: those that get it and those that don’t care.

If you consider yourself a member of the second group here are some simple ideas and tips on using twitter to market your business.

Setup a twitter-dedicated account for your business and keep it separate from your personal account. Use twitter@[your-company-name].com to make tracking and delegating your Twitter marketing tasks easy.

Before you start tweeting, search Twitter for keywords that are key to your business, such as “Pizza New York” or “Houston Lawyer”. Respond to questions and inquiries and mention your business name and URL. Even if you don’t get a lead right away, your tweet will “live” in the Tweetosphere and other potential clients will be able to see for an extended period of time.

Post at least 1 tweet per day. Make it relevant to your business and industry. It could be about helpful tips to your potential buyers, quotes, and interesting news articles pertaining to your business and/or industry. Make it informative and useful.

As you gain followers, tweet offers and special promotions to get buyers into your store or website.

Build relationships with key active tweeters in your community to increase your reach in the future.