This Message Will Self-Destruct…

We’ve all seen Tom Cruise in the Mission Impossible movies taking on impossible odds with the coolest gadgets imaginable.  One of the best noted parts of the Mission Impossible movies (even the old TV show) was the self-destruction of the secret message.  Wouldn’t it be so cool to be able to do this?

Well you can.  Using, you can send a private email message to anyone.  The recipient will receive an email directing them to the Burn Note website where they can view the message.  When the recipient starts viewing the message, a timer starts and gives them just enough time to read the message and then it disappears… forever.

Here is what the official Burn Note site has to say about it’s service:

“Every message on Burn Note is automatically deleted using a timer when it is opened. Deleted Burn Notes are completely erased and can not be recovered. While being viewed, our patent-pending Spotlight system makes message contents resistant to copying, capture via screenshots, and the glances of curious bystanders.”

Just think of the possibilities of how useful this can be.  Send confidential information to someone, such as passwords.  Let friends know of a surprise party for someone.  Send your spouse a message at work without it being tracked within their corporate email.  Send sensitive information to a client.  The list can go on and on.

There is also an app for the service on Google Play and The App Store so you can use it easily from you smartphone or tablet.

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