RingCentral Communications Professional

my rccp cert

Carolina Computer Concepts has recently met the training and technical requirements to offer support for RingCentral’s Voice over IP (VoIP) phone systems.  The RingCentral Communications Professional program was designed to recognize partners that offer a high level of support for small business phone systems.RC_CCP_Logo_4C2

RingCentral offers a suite of services including Voice, Fax, SMS and Conferencing solutions.  To ensure a reliable and top-performing communications system, many technical settings and network configuration steps must be implemented.  RingCentral’s certification program allows customers to know that their system is being implemented and supported by a trained professional.

RingCentral is a leading provider of cloud business phone systems designed for today’s mobile and distributed workforce. By combining a hosted, multi-extension business phone system with advanced voice and fax functionality, RingCentral delivers ease of use, flexibility and mobility, which cannot be provided by complex and expensive on-premise legacy phone systems.

Clients who have switched to our VoIP solution have seen around 60%-80% savings over the local telco.  Plus they receive the full feature set of a business phone system that used to only be available at a very high cost not attainable for small business.

Contact us today for and let us see if we can save your business money and increase the professionalism of your phone systems.