Privacy & Security

Is Protecting Your Data Privacy & Security Really Important?

It is very important to your business and your customers or patients. However, it takes a team effort.


Deployment of the right technology, devices and services is critical to ensure protection. Usage of business class threat management tools will give your business the best chance at avoiding a security incident. Just like your home has multiple levels of protection to deter burglars, your business requires the same layered approach to protect electronic assets and data. Usage of only antivirus or only a firewall will leave huge gaps in your network security.

Monitoring & Reporting

The best technology money can buy will be quickly irrelevant if no one is keeping an eye on the information, alerts and reports. Many data breaches have been found to have been “visible” long before someone finally noticed. Having an IT company that actually looks at your monitoring reports is critical. As “no-brainer” as this sounds, most IT companies never do this.

Diligent Employees

Probably one of most overlooked aspects of privacy and security is personnel. Regardless of how good the IT company is, it only takes one lazy or ill-intent employee to subvert privacy and security of your business. The #1 reported breach incident in healthcare is stolen laptops. Nearly every one of these breaches could have been easily prevented. No amount of technology or IT ninjas can help when people do stupid things. Employee training, reminders, policies and procedures are necessary.


Using a teamwork approach is absolutely necessary to be successful in protecting your business or practice. Clients should treat their IT provider as an integral part of their business. This includes keeping each other informed, having periodic meetings and working as a team to move toward a common goal of protecting your privacy, security and data. Simply hiring an IT provider and then ignoring your responsiblity to be a team player will leave your business vulnerable.


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