Just Another Reason To Run From IE

I personally turned away from Internet Explorer years ago and never looked back.

In today’s latest news, it seem that IE is getting some great negative publicity. So bad is the problem that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is issuing a warning?!

Read it for yourself here.

5 Things You Can Do To Protect Yourself & Your Business

  1. Use Google Chrome or Firefox – My flavor of choice for a while has been Chrome. I like the look, feel and simplicity of just using it. Plus, I’m a heavy user of Google Apps so it works seamlessly. Personally, I wouldn’t go back to IE even after its patched. IE security hasn’t been short of lacking for quite some time.
  2. Update often – Arguably one of the best defenses against security issues is keeping ALL your software products updated. This can be a bit difficult, even if you know how to do it… it can be time consuming. With anything time consuming, it is not likely to get done. Patch and Update Management is one of the benefits our clients enjoy. We automate these time consuming tasks to ensure the highest security and protection.
  3. Use a GOOD Antivirus – Ok… so we all love FREE but sometimes you need to splurge. I can think of many areas where you would never splurge to protect yourself or your business (or family). Internet security is no longer an issue only for the big corporations. Every small business (and even home) should be taking proactive steps to protect themselves online.
  4. Protect your network from the edge – Small businesses should put edge protection into place. Edge protection simply means that there is a level of protection and security at the point (the edge) where your Internet service comes into your business… before it gets to any PC. Traffic is monitored, scanned and filtered at the first point of entry. Think of it as a big bouncer at the door of a high-end club.
  5. Monitor your network – You don’t know what you can’t see… unless you are having your network monitored. 24/7 monitoring is almost always VERY surprising to clients. Typically there are a lot of problems lurking but undetectable until things start crashing. I haven’t met one single client that hasn’t thought their network was in good shape only to find that there were some serious issues going on that they weren’t aware of. This type of information can only be gathered through good monitoring.

These 5 tips can be used over and over again for many situations because they are simply fundamental steps to prudent protection.