Is your webcam allowing anyone to watch you?


The above images were taken of an unsuspecting family inside their home.  How is this possible?

The increasing use and popularity of Webcams and IP cameras also have a drawback if you happen to be the owner of a TRENDnet camera with a security vulnerability.  This vulnerability was announced about a year ago and the company quickly patched the security hole and began a campaign to make owners of TRENDnet products aware of the problem and how to fix it.

So why is this being discussed still, a year later? Because thousands of users of these products still are (apparently) unaware that they are being watched by anyone that feels inclined to tap into their camera system.  These people either are not aware of the problem or have not taken measure to repair it.

Here is a link to the full story at

Remember, always keep up with the technology devices that you own or use.  If you use any device with a webcam (laptops, tablets, smartphones) you should periodically check the manufacturers website for any updates for your product.  The same holds true if you’ve purchased a standalone webcam or IP camera.

Individuals are purchasing IP cameras more than ever to watch their homes, property and family while they are at work or away.  These devices are very cheap compared to just a few years ago and allow for instant viewing from most any Internet connected device.  They also allow for recording to your PC or other network attached storage device.

For businesses, make sure your IT staff is keeping up with the hardware in use (this holds true for all hardware, not just cameras).  If your business does not have IT staff then make a call to your IT support person/company and have a talk with them about the issue.  If you don’t have an IT support person, now is a good time to seek one out and develop a relationship with them so that a knowledgeable IT support company is looking out for you at all times.

Technology can be an awesome tool but in the wrong hands it can also be very destructive.  Just as you should be a responsible driver to own and operate a vehicle, you should also be a responsible user when owning and operating tech gadgets.  To ignore it can put your business, you or your family at risk.