Microsoft Support Call Scam

BEWARE – Some of my clients have been reporting they have received phone calls, some claiming to be from “Microsoft”, telling them that their computers are infected. The caller asks the User if they are online and if their computers are performing slowly.  If their computers are not running, they will ask the User to boot the system and report on the start up time or, if the system is running and online, they will tell the User that a tech can take over control of it and clean a “virus infection”.

THIS IS A SCAM !!! Continue reading “Microsoft Support Call Scam”

Malware 101

As if viruses themselves aren’t enough to worry about these days, there are plenty of other nasty things floating around the Internet.  Let’s discuss very briefly what these are, in general, and what you can do to protect yourself.  As well as, how to respond should you become a victim. Continue reading “Malware 101”