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Logo 1998 - 2010

Logo 1998-2010

Carolina Computer Concepts LLC got its start back in 1998 servicing residential and business clients around the greater Charlotte area. Over the years, as technology and trends have changed, so has our company.

Today, Carolina Computer Concepts specializes in healthcare IT, assisting healthcare Covered Entity and Business Associate clients with their complex IT and compliance needs.

Logo 2010-2013

Logo 2010-2013

We continue to support small business clients who rely on our superior service and support. We manage these non-healthcare related clients through a separate division within our company. This insures that our HIPAA compliance and security is maintained at the highest level. You might say our attention to security is fanatical… but shouldn’t it be?

Logo 2013 - Present

Logo 2013 – Present

Our real differentiator in a crowded IT market is our unique knowledge and skillset that allows us to support your entire organization, not just your IT needs. Using a holistic business strategy allows us to be a real business partner for our clients. It is not unusual for clients to meet with us to discuss business operations, management and marketing. We have strategic partnerships to address the whole business. We like to say that we are not an IT company, but a business development company with strong IT solutions.

Our Company Mission

We will provide fanatical service and support far beyond what is expected. We will provide each and every client the highest level of confidence and peace of mind. We will treat every client’s business as if it were our very own.  We will never fail to be of the utmost integrity. We will never use geek speak to explain what can be explained in common language.

Our Philosophy

We believe that it is a much greater accomplishment to help others succeed than to focus on your own success.  In doing the former, the latter will follow. We derive great joy and satisfaction from helping others through our knowledge, skills and talents.

Our Promise

We promise to treat each client with respect. We promise to always provide service and support that exemplifies who we are as individuals and not simply as a company.  We promise to work as hard for every client as we do for ourselves.

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