It’s Not About Technology, It’s About People.™

“They are not an IT company. They are a business development company specializing in healthcare & small business IT services. The difference is amazing!”

John Hess
Nichols Hess & Associates

Healthcare IT

As a HIPAA Compliant IT Company we are uniquely qualified to support the IT and Compliance needs of Independent Providers.

Small Business IT

We understand the needs and challenges of small businesses. Our business clients include legal, financial and non-profits.


How We Are Different From The Typical IT Company

Typical IT

Not Business Friendly

They address your computer problems while ignoring your business needs. They don’t care to understand your unique business.


They don’t understand the FULL compliance needs of your practice. It goes well beyond IT.

Geek Speak

They talk down to you, speak in some tech-geek code in an effort to make you feel stupid. Truth is, they don’t want to talk to you.


They treat you like an inconvenience. You despise having to call them or get their help.

Carolina Computer Concepts

Holistic Business Approach

We know that IT is woven into the fabric of business. We support the business, not just it’s systems.


We know HIPAA! Privacy and security define how we provide all services and support.

Straight Talk

We have the unique ability to take the complex and explain it in simple terms. Some call it a super power.

Nice & Responsive

We love our clients and they love us. We focus on people, not computers. Novel idea huh?

“What is so unique is how they look for ways to save us money. They are focused on the success of our entire practice, not just IT. Their knowledge of privacy, security and compliance makes them invaluable to our practice.”

Kelly Gindi
Gindi Physical Therapy

Managed IT Services

We monitor and manage all of our services to provide proactive IT support. We work hard to catch problems before they cause downtime or data loss. As your trusted advisor, we provide alerts, reports and business meetings.

Privacy & Security

We are hyper focused on privacy and security. From IT support to compliance services, its all wrapped tightly in our strong ethics and integrity. Protecting your practice or business from today’s threats is a top priority.

Business Continuity

Can your business survive a disaster resulting in data loss? Natural disasters, theft and human errors constantly threaten to destroy your business. Our business continuity services will keep you in business.

“I have used Carolina Computer Concepts for over 16 years to take care of my medical practice. As I have expanded my surgical practice and updated my office over the years, they have been there, keeping me compliant with all the regulations the government requires of me to stay safe, open and efficient.”

Dr. Wendell Goins
Mid-Carolina Surgery, Vein, Aesthetics & Wellness

Certified HIPAA Managed Service Professional Since 2014

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